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Product classification

Ecological Slope Series

Professional commitment to ecological concrete additives, green concrete reinforcement, BSC bio-matrix concrete nutrients, GCF-1, GCF-2, GCF-3, SR3 / SR4, planting concrete A-B agent R & D and production, so-called ecological concrete, that is, by selecting materials, adding functional additives and adopting special technology, the products with special structure and function can reduce environmental load and improve the coordination with ecological environment, and contribute to the environment. Eco-concrete is a kind of eco-compatible high-tech functional soil construction material. On the basis of good mechanical properties and long-term durability, eco-concrete can improve the natural ecological environment and help to reduce the environmental load of concrete. Eco-concrete has a large number of individual or connected pores, with good permeability, permeability, which helps to reduce the environmental load of concrete. The eco-concrete technology is developed on the basis of the requirement of the strength and durability of the concrete in the past, further combining with the environmental problems, coordinating the ecological environment, reducing the environmental load, preserving and improving the environmental landscape. Eco-concrete is shaqima-shaped and has many individual or continuous pores. When necessary, it can use fine aggregate, cement, small amount of water and additives to adjust the ratio of coarse aggregate with continuous granularity. The concrete not only plays the role of high-strength dike, but also realizes the growth of plants and aquatic organisms in the concrete due to its porosity and good permeability, really play purification water quality, improve the landscape and improve the multiple functions of the ecosystem. Eco-concrete has good water retention, fast strength development, dense cement paste, high compressive and bending strength, which is similar to ordinary concrete, has a large number of connected pores, and the porosity, pore size distribution is controllable, the construction is simple, the hardening speed is fast; The utility model is suitable for field pouring and natural maintenance, and is suitable for cast-in-place construction of inclined surfaces and all kinds of working surfaces Good durability and chemical attack (corrosion) resistance.


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