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Product classification

Ecological concrete

Specializing in ecological pervious concrete reinforcing agent, pervious concrete cement, exposed aggregate pervious concrete surface cleaning agent, retarder, PERVIOUS CONCRETE PROTECTIVE AGENT R & D and Production, pervious concrete is a special type of concrete with high porosity that is used in concrete leveling applications to reduce run-off from a site by direct transfer of precipitation and water from other sources. The appearance of pervious concrete makes the city ground covered by concrete become transparent, realizes the city's free "breathing" , and is the guardian of the city ecology. The pervious concrete different craft may present the different artistic effect, causes the ground to fill the high grade, the high grade artistic effect, the pervious concrete exterior color performance comes from the binder color, can not add the color powder in the construction site, in order to ensure the authenticity and durability of the color; in the casual expression of simple, elegant poetry, to create a strong impact on the visual sense. The perfect combination of special materials and special technology satisfies people's sense of dependence on the environment. Pervious concrete pavement paving technology is a technology which is made by mixing cement, special additives, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and water with special proportion. It is more excellent, ecological and environmental friendly than other pavement materials, it's a permeable concrete that's laid directly on the site. On the basis of retaining the characteristics of traditional concrete, pervious concrete subverts its single gray color and presents colorful and varied color performance. Use different colors to make the ground and buildings, landscape integration, to create a warm and harmonious living environment! Ecological functions of pervious concrete: Alleviating Urban "heat island effect" ; replenishing groundwater resources in urban areas; reducing the burden on urban drainage systems; preventing urban floods and reducing surface runoff; absorbing noise and dust, to create a quiet and comfortable living and traffic environment; to prevent road surface water and reflective at night, improve the traffic comfort and safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

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