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Product classification

Ecological slope protection brick

Articulated slope protection brick, interlocking slope protection brick, interlocking slope protection block and concrete hinged block slope protection are a group of flexible matrix composed of concrete blocks with uniform size, shape and weight, which act on Soil and water conservation in the form of hard pavement. The hinged block with specific hydraulic performance is longitudinally crossed by hot-dip galvanized steel cable, stainless steel cable or polyester revetment cable, which is convenient for transportation and installation.

Application: channel lining, coastal protection, ship ramp and channel, dam immersion protection, pipeline and cable protection, abutment protection, basin protection, dike stability, bridge scour protection.

Hinged slope protection has been proved to be a beautiful and functional upgrade product, replacing the traditional gabion, block stone, concrete structure and other hard soil and water conservation systems. Articulated revetments are easy to install and have a low life cycle cost compared to other permanent solutions. These two benefits can significantly reduce the cost of installing and maintaining the system. On the subgrade which has been treated with special geotextile filter cloth, the paving can be completed by using conventional construction machinery. Although there are two types of blocks that can provide protection and stability, the perforated unit provides voids to ensure vegetation restoration.

The interlocking slope protection brick has super strong interlocking with the surrounding 6 blocks, and the pavement stability is extremely excellent. Under the impact of high-speed water flow, the independent block of the high-stability pavement will not be pulled out, and it can be applied to various terrain conditions such as slope and camber.

Interlocking revetment 1. The connecting hole formed by the large hole and two adjacent interlocking blocks can be used as planting hole, and the graded crushed stone can also be added to play the role of energy dissipation. 2. When the slope is steep, the anchor rod is inserted into the small hole to connect the interlocking block and the soil, which makes the structure more stable. 3. The interlocking function is added to the writing tenon groove to prevent the slope protection block from moving in different directions. 4. The surrounding trough can dissipate part of the energy in the current and waves, retain the impurity particles in the water body, and reduce the generation of sludge. 5. The adjacent two blocks form a 5 ° V-shaped groove side by side to adapt to the uneven settlement of the slope surface and reduce the block damage.

The company has two sets of large-scale concrete brick machine production line. A series of processes from batching, forming, curing, palletizing to bundling are controlled by fully automatic program. Advanced compaction system vibration molding technology is adopted and natural maintenance technology is adopted. The products are mainly made of sand, stone and cement.

The products produced by this equipment have high density, high strength and large block shape. It has been widely used in developed areas. Now the main products are divided into two series: self embedded retaining wall and ecological slope protection. Compared with traditional materials, it has the advantages of environmental protection, beautiful appearance, low comprehensive cost and convenient construction. It can be widely used in the treatment of medium and small rivers.

The company has established long-term cooperative relationship with well-known scientific research institutes and environmental protection enterprises at home and abroad, and has a high-quality team specializing in water conservancy, environmental protection and ecological restoration technology research and development, manufacturing and engineering services. The company advocates the business philosophy of "science and technology first, service first, quality first", and adheres to the enterprise tenet of "scientific and technological innovation, industry serving the country and serving the people". Focusing on ecological water conservancy, environment and restoration, in order to create environmental friendliness and create beautiful China, we strive to create safety and health for human beings and society.



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